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E&E Special Products LLC. Terms and Conditions of Sale

Quality Policy: E&E Special Products LLC, manufactures and supplies only quality products. If for some reason you have a problem with one of our items, please call or email us.

Application Assistance: E&E Special Products LLC, maintains a complete engineering and technical service department to work with customers. Please feel free to call upon their knowledge and experience to help you.

Engineering Changes: Product improvement is a continuing evolution at E&E and specifications and engineering data are subject to change. If information is critical to your design, it is suggested that you contact the E&E Special Products Engineering Department to determine current information.

Return of Product: Authority for return of product, whether under warranty or otherwise must be obtained from E&E Special Products LLC. Such authority shall be granted for each reasonable request. Unless such authority has been granted, shipment will be refused. All product returned should include reference to all pertinent order information including order number and part number. Cost for placing product in a salable condition will be charged to buyer. Only product which has been invoiced to the Purchaser within one (1) year of his request for return of same will be considered for return. Product accepted for return is subject to a re-stocking charge of the billing invoice plus all transportation charges incurred by E&E Special Products LLC.

Cancellation and Termination: Any order placed with E&E can be cancelled by the Buyer only upon payment of reasonable cancellation charges which shall consider expenses already incurred and commitments made by E&E.

Payment Terms: Terms to customers of satisfactory credit are Net 30 Days from date of invoice. To avoid delay in filling orders, Purchasers without previous experience with E&E Special Products LLC should include credit information.

Price Change: Prices shown in any E&E information are subject to change without notice and are not to be construed as a definite quotation or offer to sell by E&E. Such literature is maintained only as a source of general information: and any prices shown therein are subject to confirmation with a specific purchase.

Taxes: The Buyer shall pay or reimburse seller for all sales, use, excise or similar taxes.

Copyright: Unauthorized use and/or duplication of copyrighted material and/or variation thereof, may be a violation of copyright law in the United States and/or other countries/regions. CAD Files are for customer use only. Unauthorized duplication, alteration, distribution or use of intellectual property, including part numbers and computer software (CAD files), constitutes copyright infringement is illegal and subject to both civil and criminal penalties. In the event of unauthorized intrusion, all past and present relevant information regarding possible violation of law may be provided to law enforcement officials.

Warranty: Seller warrants products manufactured by it to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment to Purchaser. If within this period any such products shall be proved to the seller’s reasonable satisfaction, to be so defective, they shall be repaired or replaced at seller’s option. This warranty shall not apply to (A) products not manufactured by seller. (B) products which have been repaired or altered by other than the seller so as, in its judgement. to affect same adversely, (C) products which have been subjected to negligence. accident or damage by circumstances beyond seller’s control, or to improper installation or storage, or to other than normal use with respect to products not manufactured by seller. Warranties do not cover reimbursement for transportation, removal. installation. or other expenses which may be incurred in connection with repair or replacement.

Standards: For years, E&E Special Products has produced a wide range of both standard and custom accessories to complement a host of J.I.C. and industry standard cylinders. If you use cylinders, regardless of their origin, chances are you will have to attach them to a driven member. E&E offers a variety of off-the-shelf components to accomplish this … and more. Should you require custom designed accessories, we can make or modify them to your specifications.

Shipping Terms: All accounts will be F.O.B. Shipping Point and shipped best cost transportation as determined by E&E.

Damage Claims: All claims for breakage and damage (whether concealed or obvious) must be made to the carrier by the buyer as soon as possible after receipt of the shipment. E&E will be glad to render the buyer reasonable assistance in the securing of adjustment for such damage claims.

Specials: E&E will make to order or modify any item which is similar to our standard component parts. Prints or sketches must be furnished with a request for quote.

How to Order: Please list the part number (item code) and the quantity of the items required. No other description is necessary.

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